Our Courses

Coding for Kids

Class time: Friday 3:00pm - 4pm

Coders are in high demand. Coding provides a competitive advantage.

The World Around Us

Class time: Friday 4:00pm - 5pm

Learn all about the world we live in, the History, the People, Fun facts etc. Let’s explore and discover together.

Creative Genius

Class time: Saturday 3:00pm - 4pm

This is an Arts and Crafts class, designed to inspire creativity and fun. All resources we will be using can easily be found at home, so need to do extra shopping for this class.


Class time: Saturday 4:00pm - 5pm

Easily earn your Belt by joining this class. Stay fit while you learn the skills of Taekwondo.

Creative Writing

Class time: Sunday 3:00pm - 5pm

Get your pens and pencils ready. Let’s write. Learn the basics of writing your own poems, stories or even your own book.

Sunday Crushes

Class time: Sunday 4:00pm - 5pm

Each week, we learn something new, something different from a Guest Teacher. Join the class to discover something brand new, ranging from Entrepreneurship to science experiments, to sign language and so much more. Each Guest Teacher will bring something new!